o you want to know more about Vesalius, the New Fabrica or the work of Karger Publishers? We hope to cover some of your questions in the following FAQ section – please contact us for more information.

Q:  Who was Andreas Vesalius? Why is he so famous and important?

A: Vesalius (1514–1564) is widely considered to be the father of modern anatomy. Taking advantage of the most advanced technology in printing at the time, he fostered a revolution in anatomy. He deployed his exquisite illustrations to underscore his lessons in anatomy and promoted the urgency of honest scientific inquiry as he dared to question commonly held beliefs in anatomy that had been passed down since antiquity. You can read more here

Q: Why publish a new translation in English?

A: The new translation by Daniel H. Garrison and Malcolm H. Hast makes Vesalius truly accessible and understandable to 21st-century readers for the first time. The lingua franca of the 16th century was Latin, and Vesalius’ florid written Latin was especially complex. Garrison conveys Vesalius’ intended meaning and tone into English more precisely and authentically than ever before, allowing modern users to access this essential work at a depth never before possible.

Moreover, the authors integrate their and Vesalius’ commentaries from the first and second editions and the unpublished third edition, and add new insights on both Vesalius’ acknowledged and unofficial sources. Framed in a fresh, user-friendly layout, this translation is truly a gateway to Vesalius for today’s readers.

Q: Can I see the Fabrica on display anywhere?

A: The New Fabrica can be experienced first-hand at a number of locations during its world tour in 2014. You can find out if it will be presented in your area here or by enquiring at vesalius@karger.com

For those travelling to Basel, Switzerland, the location of the publisher’s headquarters, we invite you to visit our offices to get a rare glimpse of this special book in production. Please contact us to inquire about a special appointment to see the New Fabrica.

If you’re interested in seeing the original Fabrica, it can be found in the collections of a number of libraries and rare book dealerships around the world. Some libraries will feature the Fabrica at exhibitions connected with the upcoming Vesalius anniversary year.

Q: I am organizing an event. Can I invite someone from the translation and publication team to speak?

A: Gladly. Please fill out the contact form or send queries to vesalius@karger.com.

Q: I need help with the website. Whom can I contact? 

A: Please contact us or call Karger headquarters in Switzerland at +41 61 306 11 11.