ore than a year of meticulous design and planning has culminated in the creation of an innovative, user-friendly layout that helps Fabrica readers from all backgrounds navigate the massive anatomical work.

  • Different text coloring identifies notes specifically relevant to the 1543 or 1555 editions.
  • Originally placed in the margins, Vesalius’ summaries are now incorporated into the main text as section headings.
  • The complex Renaissance work is made accessible with easy-to-use running heads.
  • Nomina anatomica and Terminologia anatomica are integrated into the Fabrica for the first time, clearly aligning Vesalius’ 16th-century descriptions with the appropriate modern and medical terminology.
  • Vesalius’ 1543 pagination is highlighted with a Vesalius icon that signals that the text can be matched to the beginning of the corresponding page in the original Fabrica. A bigger icon in the margin indicates the corresponding page number.
  • Cross-referencing is made vastly simpler. Vesalius’ marginalia are now integrated into the text and set in thumbnails for straightforward reference.
To view the the referencing system of the New Fabrica click on the picture