umerous visual elements are essential to the dialogue between the written and the visual that Vesalius forged, and to his fierce desire for his volume to convey a powerful aesthetic of the highest quality.  The Fabric of the Human Body shares Vesalius’ commitment to the visual power of this work.

The Fabric of the Human Body presents fresh high-resolution digital scans of the over 200 woodcut illustrations that are an integral element of De humani corporis fabrica.

Each image has been carefully reconstructed digitally to ensure unprecedented legibility, guaranteeing that New Fabrica readers will experience the human body as Vesalius intended.

The striking ornamental initials that start some sections of the book have also been reproduced.  

In addition, the production team has reduced all illustrations to small thumbnails and placed them in the margins alongside the text to help readers locate the full-sized illustrations as they are cross-referenced by Vesalius.

Illustration in the New Fabrica
Illustration in the New Fabrica