f paparazzi had existed in the 16th century, they may well have hounded Vesalius. He was a legend in his own time and, accordingly, his legacy includes fascinating tales and trivia from his life and work. Read on to gain insight into the mystique surrounding Vesalius.

Vesalius wasn't merely acclaimed, but also the cause of furor as he challenged authority. By the age of 28, Vesalius had created a game-changing work that won both friend and foe. The fact that rumors about his life have persisted for nearly 500 years illustrates the power and the intrigue that has enveloped his legacy.

We don't want to perpetuate misconceptions and so we invite you to help clear up any false myths by writing to us. You might perhaps find that some of the mysteries have already been unraveled in these pages. We hope these backstories will help shed more light on the centuries-long fascination with Andreas Vesalius.

Illustration of a "muscle man" hanging from a wooden construction, with the septum attached to the wall