he Italian artist Mario Martinelli created special piece of art to commemorate the father of human anatomy.  

To commemorate the father of human anatomy, Italian artist Mario Martinelli created an anti-monumental monument of Andreas Vesalius  which can be seen at the UZA, Antwerp University Hospital, since September 2013. Martinelli's Shadows-in-the-net are especially treated wire-net figures cut along the outline of a person's shadow, like a sort of plastic graffiti surfacing on the wall.

The artist works on the subject of the shadow’s emancipation and materialisation. With his magic lantern, he is able to remove the shadow from a person’s body, presenting it as another self. He subsequently covers it in wire net to keep it visible over time, finally placing it on the city walls. These two steps that Martinelli takes are reminiscent of the mythical ones taken by the Corinthian girl and her father.